Pool Chemistry - The Essentials

With a well-stocked test kit at home, you can ensure your pool’s water chemistry is in balance on a regular basis by checking chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity.

Simply having the essentials on hand will keep you going. Here are a few chemicals and quantities to keep on hand throughout the year.


We recommend keeping at least 2kg of Stabilised Chlorine on hand. It lasts longer and is safer to use than liquid chlorine.


5lts Hydrochloric Acid will usually last around 4-6 weeks for an average sized pool (50,000 litres).


In most cases, 2 kgs of pH Buffer will last you a month or more, depending on the weather.


Keep a few extra bags on hand (ideally two to four) to ensure your chlorinator is working as efficiently as possible.


A Focus 4 in 1 Clarifier or 3 or 4 Focus BLING tablets will help maintain crystal clear water.


The use of 1kg Oxyshock will contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe swimming environment.

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