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General Hints

  Test water at least once a week.

  Always add chemicals to water. Not water to chemicals.

  Add chemicals in the evening.

  Add chemicals while the filter is running.

  A general rule is that you can swim within 2 hours of adding chemicals providing          that you have had the filter running. Common sense prevails if adding large          quantities.

  Make sure your pressure gauge is working. This will tell you when to clean the          filter.

  You must filter long enough to turn over the complete volume of your pool water          each day. This is normally 8 hours per day depending on the size of your pool and          your pump and filter size.

  A dog swimming in your pool is the equivalent to 30 humans.

  Chlorine must be added every day.

  Algae and other problems are always nearly due to not enough chlorine, filter          problems or balancing problems.

  Never mix chemicals together.

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