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Free Water Test

Bring a sample of your pool water into the shop and we'll perform a water chemistry analysis to determine the current state of your water balance.

Using a clean bottle (preferably not a soft drink container), take a sample of your pool water from at least 30 cm below the surface. Don't take the water that is coming directly from the inlets - pick a spot closer to the skimmer box.

We can provide you with a FREE water sample bottle just simply call into our store.
Bring the sample into the store and we'll analyse it to determine chlorine content, pH level, total alkalinity, stabiliser and phosphates.

Try not to let the water get hot in your car, since water temperature will alter the readings! 

If you wish we can pick up a sample for testing, just call us.

We maintain a record of your pool's water chemistry so we can refer back to previous treatments in order to adequately diagnose and treat any problems.


Waterearth is an environmental initiative that we are committed to with our partners Focus Products. The Cornerstone of this initiative is to provide

       The promotion of correct water analysis

       The promotion of correct water treatment

       The promotion of water conservation

Water is a precious resource. Safe drinkable water, safe recreational water and safe ground water is fundamental to Australian society and can be protected by the correct analysis and treatment to reduce the dumping of toxic water into the environment and the taking of water from reserves to replenish that water.

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