No or Low Flow?

No or low water flow can occur for several reasons, and if not rectified promptly can cause costly damage to pumps, impellors, and mechanical seals.

The most common cause of no or low flow are baskets full of debris.  By checking and emptying the skimmer basket (by the pool) and the pump basket (inside the pump) regularly you will ensure free water flow, allowing the system to fully ‘prime’ and function at full capacity.

Note – turn the pump off prior to removing baskets AND if your pool pump is below water level, close the valves in front of the pump and set the multiport valve on the filter to ‘closed’.

Low water level can contribute to flow problems.  The ideal water level for your pool is at least halfway up the skimmer box opening.  With hot weather, no rain or just extra swimming, the water level can drop below the skimmer box and reduce or even stop the flow of water through the system.

Note – use your trusty garden hose to fill up your pool to the recommended water level and ensure you have your water tested for phosphates after your water level is back to normal.

Is your pump primed?  Another potential issue with flow. Check this by looking through the clear pump lid and if there is no water in it, turn off the power, unscrew the pump lid and make sure you don’t lose the O-ring!

Empty debris from the pump basket and then fill a bucket with water and pour it into the pump, this is called priming.

Once the water level reaches the top, replace the pump lid with the O-ring and turn your pump back on. You will know if this pump “jump-start” is successful if water starts flowing through after 15 seconds.  If it doesn’t, turn the pump off.

If priming was unsuccessful on the first attempt, try disconnecting the suction cleaner, taking out the vacuum plate, and emptying the skimmer basket before trying to prime the pump again.

If still not successful, turn the pump off, rotate the multiport valve handle to “recirculate” and try priming the pump again.

Note – if after these tips you still have no luck, turn your pump off, give your pool a shock dose of chlorine and contact us for assistance.

A dirty filter will reduce water flow as your pump can only push water through so much dirt and debris. Firstly, try backwashing and rinsing your media filter to clear the path for the water.

If this doesn’t work, turn your pump off and set your filter to ‘recirculate’.  If you now have normal flow, try backwashing again.  If you find this still doesn’t work, it may indicate the need for a media change.

For a cartridge filter, clean the cartridge by removing it from the housing ensuring that the pump is off, and any valves are closed if below water level.

Hose the cartridge clean or replace the cartridge if necessary.  Re-assemble, lubricate the O-rings, and open any valves.  Turn the pump on and bleed the air from the top until water comes out.  This should have sorted.

For D.E filters, backwash regularly and give them a full clean every few months by disassembling, hosing & reassembling, always ensuring the pump is off and any valves are closed beforehand.

Note – if you need help, give us a shout and we can book a service.

If your pump impeller is clogged, you will experience issues with water flow.  The impeller is essentially a spinning, hollow disc that draws in water at the centre and spins it out at high pressure.  This blockage is usually caused by a broken or split pump basket.  

If it requires fixing, turn off the pump, remove the pump lid and the pump basket and use a small tool or your fingers to remove any debris from the impeller.

Note – if after all this troubleshooting you continue to experience problems with no or low flow, contact our team for support.

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