Professional Pool Services

Pool World Noosa’s team of highly trained pool service technicians makes over 15,000 poolside visits each year. Pool World Noosa is the reliable, professional, and trustworthy choice for all of your pool service, repairs and equipment upgrades.

A perfectly balanced pool is essential for safe and enjoyable swimming. Each pool service visit includes our computerised pool chemical testing and analysis service, which tests the water for pH, total alkalinity, chlorine levels, and stabiliser (cyanuric acid). Additional chemical testing to determine levels of salt, phosphates, and calcium is also conducted.

Pool Service

At Pool World Noosa, we believe our customers should swim more and work less. Meaning you should be swimming in your pool rather than cleaning it. A clean, functional pool not only looks great but is something that all your family and friends will enjoy.

Our experienced technicians ensure your pool is sanitised and safe to swim in. We perform pool cleaning services weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as required. Our full pool cleaning service includes: vacuum, brushing all walls, benches, and steps; netting the top; cleaning out all baskets; testing and balancing chemicals, and visually inspecting equipment.

Equipment Repair

Broken or damaged pool equipment can be difficult to diagnose and frustrating to repair, especially if you can’t enjoy your pool because of it. That is why we have a team of licensed professionals to address any repair your pool may ever need.

We can fix or replace all pool equipment brands. We can help you can get back in the pool in no time. We fix pool pumps, timers, lights, heaters, filters, chlorinators, valves, plumbing, skimmers, main drains, leaks, automation, automatic pool cleaners, and so much more.

Pool World Noosa only stocks and recommends the highest quality products and equipment. We have carefully chosen the most reputable suppliers and negotiated prices to help you get more for your money. Let us put our experience to work and show you what a well maintained pool can do for you.


Our expert friendly service technician will clean, test & balance, check equipment & backwash to ensure your pool is well presented and in good working order.


A pool service to suit your needs and budget, we offer weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly options, ensuring your pool is well maintained and your equipment health is monitored.

Test & Balance

Had a recent rain event or simply need to check that everything is okay? For your convenience, we can come to you.

Holiday Cleaning

Whether you need a full service or just need us to check for any issues, empty baskets and keep your pool happy until you return, we can help!


We’ve seen green! Don’t worry, we have restored the very worst of murky pools and will have yours looking and feeling better in no time. We are your specialists. Call us when your pool needs a little or A LOT of TLC!


Got a new pool or need a refresher in pool care and maintenance? We can come to you and walk you through all the essentials, answer any questions you have and provide you with expert tips on keeping your pool in top condition.

Service & Advice

In addition to an extensive range of services, we provide expert advice and a great customer experience. Our fully trained team are here to help. Contact us for all your pool care needs.

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