Tips & Tricks

As part of our service, we are pleased to provide a FREE resource of expert tips and tricks for pool maintenance, products and equipment for your convenience.  You will find answers to frequently asked questions and a broad range of information to support you to care for your pool (and spa).  If you need further assistance, just get in touch and our friendly team will look after you.

Green Pool Treatment

Cleaning a green pool, where you can still see the bottom, using a combination of chlorine, algaecide & a clarifier to treat the water along the filtration system will likely get you a good result.

Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking?

If the water level in your pool is dropping by more than 1 centimetre each week without any swimming or backwashing, there is a good chance that your pool is losing water from another source.

It’s all in the Chemistry!

Keeping your pool's water balance is one of the most challenging aspects of pool maintenance, but it is crucial. Done diligently, chemical levels can be maintained in the ideal ranges, ensuring excellent pool health.

No or Low Flow?

No or low water flow through your pool pump can be quite a simple fix! Skimmer & pump baskets fill up with debris and can restrict water flow, so it is important to check them regularly to avoid costly damage.

Pool Chemicals – the essentials to have on hand

It is a good idea to keep a small supply of chemicals on hand to ensure you can maintain your pool between scheduled services. Maintaining your pool in top shape helps to extend the life of your equipment.

Top Tips for Clear Water

The quintessential Queensland lifestyle includes spending time by the pool, sunbathing while sipping cocktails, or grilling with friends, or perhaps just enjoying some peace and quiet by the pool when the weather is perfect. Cloudy skies or a cloudy pool are two things you don’t want to see!

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